G19 Gen4 Compact | 9x19mm



G19 GEN4 COMPACT 9x19mm

G19 Gen4 Compact 9x19mm. The GLOCK 19 Gen4 gun in 9 mm Luger offers extraordinary capability while permitting to shoot fast and precisely. It is great for a more flexible job because of its decreased aspects, without forfeiting exceedingly significant magazine limit. The secluded back tie framework makes it conceivable to immediately redo its hold to oblige any hand size. The reversible magazine get makes it ideal for left and right-gave shooters. G19 Gen4  9x19mm  for sale.

The Glock 19 Gen4 is intended for capability first. This plan reasoning implies that the weapon parts fit together more freely than most, making it not generally so exact as contest level guns. By and by, the Gen4 is adequately exact for self-protection and reach shooting. I discovered a few little varieties at longer ranges (25-100 yards), yet found I could shoot 4 inch bunches at 25 yards. That precision is totally adequate for self-protection. On the off chance that you need more exactness, you can investigate buying a post-retail barrel or mounting a miniature red spot like the T1. I’d likewise suggest supplanting the plastic sights with AmeriGlo GL-433 Hackathorn Sight Set. It’s more strong, simpler to get and speedier to locate.